More China Study Data

Here are the figures for Saturated Fat, you will like this

Average HD figures across all regions with Sat fat data = 19.48
Regions with greater than average Sat fat consumption gives a HD figure of 13.23
Regions with Sat fat below average gives a HD figure of 24.7

Cholesterol levels dont seem to make much of an impact although APOB seems slightly predictive. Sadly there is no readings for Seretonin which would help to tie in with stress. One or two of interest are the usual suspects Iron and Ferritin

Ferretin levels

Above average HD = 22.35788732

Below average HD = 17.4432


Above average 23.09985075

Below average 17.06278481

But if you are looking for a biggie

Blood Glucose

Above average HD= 24.8733333

Below average HD = 13.96830508

Another huge suspect that also comes out appallingly on the China data is white flour product consumption

greater than average consumption HD = 33.83

Less than average HD = 13.575

Processed starch and sugar intake was a puzzler though

> average HD = 13.50142857

averarge HD = 15.07084507

< average HD = 25.23642857