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12 thoughts on “About

  1. With an HDL of 204 and an LDL of 26, having gone up 10 points in a year, do you think 10 mgs. of a statin is reasonable. The ration is 2.8.

      1. Yes. My cholesteral is 204, and should be under 200, and the LDL is 26 and should be under 40. Does that sound right? The ratio should be under 5 and is 2.8. This is according to my lab results. Doesn’t say LDL P, just LDL.

  2. Your LDL is very low so I assume your HDL must be quite high. Other test however are more meaningful. What are your Trigyclerides ?

  3. Chol. – 204, HDL-72, Triglycerides-72, LDL -126 The LDL went from 116 to 126 in 1 year. She thinks 10 mgs of a statin is necessary.

  4. I would want to get those Tryglycerides down, mine are 25 using your mg/dl units. There are other more relevant measures eg are your LDL partciles large and fluffy or small and dense. Read the whole of my blog and the links within it and focus on changing your diet where need be.

  5. Again, thank you. I see her tomorrow and plan to try the diet for 3 months and test for particles as well before resorting to statins.

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