Wheat and The China Study

I have been taking a look at the raw China Study data and in particular with regard to wheat. I loaded the data up into Excel and tidied up the data to do a simple check on wheat and Heart Disease.

The average incidence of heart disease across all regions is 20.38 (HEART DISEASE AGE 35-69 (stand. rate/100,000)
The average intake of wheat is 130.08 grams per day

Now if we look at the numbers for heart disease when the wheat consumption is below average we get heart disease at 15.32
However for heart disease when wheat is above the average of 130.08 we get heart disease at 28.56

As we increase wheat to >140.08 we get HD at 29.49
Wheat > 150.08 HD 29.68
Wheat > 170.08 HD 30.6

The other interesting feature is that if you lower wheat consumption below average HD does not drop it remains fairly constant suggesting that there is a level in which when exceeded HD starts to take off. That levels appears to be 210 grams per day, above that and HD starts to take off. In summary the numbers tend to suggest that eating up to 210 grams per day of wheat is not a big deal but after that HD kicks in. Note I am simply relaying the figures here, sure maybe low wheat eaters are non smokers or whatever

Now finally with regard to wheat V Rice. There were 51 regions with data for rice and wheat. Not surprisingly there were 35 where rice eclipsed wheat consumption whilst wheat was greater than rice in only 16 regions. The average Heart Disease figure for the rice consuming regions was 10.4 whilst for the regions consuming more wheat than rice it came in at a whopping 24.6

Another bagel please waiter !

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