Total Cholesterol/Heart Disease by Country

Looking at the World Health Organisation data on average total cholesterol levels for men aged 25+ and then marrying that with the highest risk countries for heart disease and the lowest risk countries for heart disease one would expect, if the the doctors are correct, to see a glaring message. Well you decide. Which group do you think is the top risk group and bottom risk group for heart disease based on the countries average total cholesterol shown to the right.

Turkmenistan 4.5
Russia 4.9
Bulgaria 5.0
Romania 4.9
Hungary 5.1
Argentina 5.0

France 5.3
Australia 5.1
Luxembourg 5.5
Switzerland 5.3
Japan 5.2
Israel 5.0

5 thoughts on “Total Cholesterol/Heart Disease by Country

  1. France is a classic example. In addition to their high cholesterol levels, France has an inexplicably low rate of heart disease given their diets are high in fats, dairy and meat.

    Given a strong family history of heart disease, my cholesterol has been regularly monitored throughout my life and has been consistantly below 5.0. Good diet and lots of exercise didn’t save me either. I have heart disease and needed stents in all three heart arteries in my early 50s for 90% blockages.

      1. I believe genetic influence is a very important factor. My close family is littered with examples of heart disease yet we have all lived very difference lives and have had very different diet/exercise regimes. The consultants do not know specifically what has caused my heart disease and that means they don’t really know how to help me. They went through all the risk factors and found I was already doing well in these areas. I can’t change being male or having a strong genetic link. Also, I had a stressful office job (now retired on ill health grounds) and have a nervous disposition but this didn’t effect my blood pressure which has always been around 120/70. My inflammation blood tests have all been average too. Non smoker and l alcohol intake way below guidelines.

        I’ve moved to a pescatarian/Mediterranean diet and dropped meat. I’ve also removed dairy and sugar, not that I ate much of this in the first place. I’ve followed your investigations and diet changes with interest. I’m a slim 6’0″ male weighing 11st 7lb with an athletic past (football, tennis, squash, golf, hiking/walking, horse riding, cycling). I’ve had amazingly good health up to now.

        Where my inflammation came from I have no idea. Given all this, I definitely don’t subscribe to the theory that high cholesterol is the primary cause of heart disease. I guess I would be a good case study given the absence of the vast majority of risk factors.

        In my opinion, we still know so little about the root of this disease. That’s incredibility annoying for someone who has avoided all the “know risk factors”.

      2. It might be interesting to get a 5 hour (hourly) insulin levels check after consuming liquid glucose. This was some incredible work done by Dr Kraft which showed that the accepted wisdom that we are either diabetic or we are not is really inaccurate and that there are levels or stages of Diabetes.

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