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Over the Pasta and discovering NLR

During February I had a reminder of the dangers of over consumption of simple Carb’s. I spent a week in Rome and if you have been there you will know its wall to wall Pasta and Pizza. After a couple of days I just gave up and decided to eat the stuff for the remaining 5 days. I normally never touch Pizza and Pasta but made an exception in Rome. Now I normally spend a few months away in the winter and return to the UK exactly the same weight courtesy of the excellent dietary habits of the Portugese. A week in Rome however found me 7lbs overweight. This was a stark reminder of how damaging these products are.
Perhaps on a more interesting note I have just stumbled upon an inflamatory marker that has been shown to be a very good predictor of future or current heart disease. It is called the Neutrophil to Lymphocyte ratio and has been show to improve the Framingham risk score for any one who believes in the Framingham score (probably the people from Framinghan do). As usual this test can be obtained cheaply in Portugal for 6 euros. More details on the ratio can be obtained from the link below.

Just got my NLR results back. My Neurtrophil reading is 3.57 whilst my Lymphocyte reading is 2.08 giving a ratio of 3.57 / 2.08 = 1.71. The acceptable range is 0.78 to 3.53. Higher than 3.53 would be considered a problematic reading.