LCHF and Cholesterol Profile

You may have come across the talks by Ivor Cummings on cholesterol. Ivor is a chemical engineer by trade and after receiving some personal alarming blood readings he decided to drill down into the meaning of what his readings actually meant. Applying his engineering rigour to the problem he quickly discovered that the emperor was wearing no clothes or the doctor in this case. I came across another engineer Dave Feldman, that has also gone into even more detail to extrapolate the real relationships between what we eat and how it effects cholesterol and associated lipid readings. It is a real beauty of a presentation which if you are new to the subject might take more than one listening. You can also easily replicate the experiment yourself, in fact he is appealing for people to try it and log their results on his blog.


1 thought on “LCHF and Cholesterol Profile

  1. Unlike many, he does at least seem to acknowledge that people with FH won’t see cholesterol levels improve on LCHF, although he doesn’t yet seem convinced it’s a problem.

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