Selenium Vit C and Dr Porter

I recently had an exchange with Dr Mark Porter. I took exception to his recent article in the Times which more or less trashed the idea of people using Vitamin supp’s to combat disease. I challenged this firstly on the Vit C front (but also on others) and I am glad I did because you always learn something when you talk to people with opposing views. It gets you off your backside to investigate. Dr Porter kindly replied and sent me a link to a meta analysis that essentially showed that no Vitamin was beneficial in a statistically significant way in relation to heart disease amongst other diseases, when supplemented, although selenium came pretty close. A meta analysis by the way is when a researcher takes all the research papers done on a topic and then pools together all the results to form one overall result. It also enables them to filter out badly designed studies. I decided to dig a little deeper into the meta analysis and in particular the heart disease and Vit C category. I am convinced that Vit C can impact Lp(a) and hence CVD. When I looked closely at the 7 studies forming the meta analysis on Vit C I noticed that they had weighted them. Now I forget the exact method of weighting but it sure wasn’t based on dosage because one study was weighted with 78%!! of the overall value of the analysis and this study only used 250mg of Vit C per day on people with heart disease. This study came out as pretty much neutral on Vit C and given that the overall score OR was 0.99 for Vit C (the more below 1 the better) you can see that this one study had massive or should I say 78% effect on the overall outcome of the meta analysis. As I said to Dr Porter, Linus Pauling would have laughed at 250mg even for healthy subjects. Incidently getting back to Selenium there is an interesting Swedish study that showed in subjects over 60 that a combo of Selenium and Coq10 slashed risk by 50%.

Footnote – Just discovered that Dr Porter has recently adopted a similar attitude to Carb’s as myself

2 thoughts on “Selenium Vit C and Dr Porter

  1. Great info. Can you post the link to the Swedish Selenium study. I’d be interested in reading that one. Also, have you any thoughts on the level of VitC someone with CVD should be taking. Many thanks.

  2. There is a write up on it here

    With regard to Vit C my Lp(a) levels dropped from 31 which is above the acceptable range to 23 which is fine when I used 1000mg of Vit C. I also adopt a couple of other habits namely having a grapefuit every morning and putting chopped Kiwi fruit in my porrdige. My Lp(a) is currently 18. This was bog standard high street chemist Vit C tablet by the way. Article here by Dr Mercola on Pauling and Vit C

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