Myeloperoxidase Test

I have mentioned before that pretty much all my ratios and markers are good eg Total to HDL ratio, ApoB/Apo A ratio, Lp(a), Homocysteine. One marker that I have found on two occasions to be too high is Lp-PLA2. This is a marker that is believed to signify unstable plaque within the arteries. So far I have not managed to lower it. I have however just got the results back for another test that looks at oxidative stress and a predictor of unstable plaque, namely Myeloperoxidase. I was kind of expecting this one might come back on the high side given that it appears to be a close cousin of Lp-PLA2 or at least testing a similar condition. I was very happy therefore to find that my reading was super low. Greater than 5 IU/ml is considered positive but I came back at less than 0.01.

The test was done with Blue Horizon and cost around £95. I will retest Lp_PLA2 later in the year and if it has not diminished perhaps try a spell on aspirin and see if that puts a dent in it or perhaps take solace from this test, surely they can’t both be right.

Good explanation here of the difference between Myeloperoxidase and Lp-PLA2

It would appear that the obvious approach to lowering Lp-PLA2 would be Niacin (Vit B3)

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