Iodine Deficiency

A couple of posts ago I mentioned Leptin resistance and its role in causing problems for getting LDL particles out of the blood stream when they have done their job of delivering cholesterol to cells. Iodine deficiency is one of the possible reasons for this problem with the Thyroid and Leptin resistance and it ties in nicely with a at least a couple of population studies.

The Japanese have very low rates of heart disease, even lower before they started to discover westernised food. We are usually quick to credit this to their consumption of fish but it may not only be this sole source of sea food. The Japanese consume large quantities of sea weed using it as an additive in stews and soups such as Miso soup. Sea weed is a very rich source of Iodine and perhaps their super rich Iodine content diet is a big factor in their heart protection.

Backing this up was a studies in the 1950’s in Finland which had very contrasting levels of heart disease were although both east and west were poor the east was far unhealthier when it came to cardio vascular health. This prompted an in depth study of the dietary habits of east and west and the most significant disparity was that the west consumed significantly more Iodine which may be why they have less heart disease than the East. More on this at the link below.

Needless to say I now take a 200mcg Iodine supplement daily via a Sea Kelp tablet and so far my stomach seems to tolerate these quiet well with no irritation.


2 thoughts on “Iodine Deficiency

  1. Thanks once again for your research and posting. I read a few bits and pieces about CVD to see what I can do to help myself and always find your blog informative and hopeful. Please keep posting.

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