LDL Receptor Activity

Try this: the LDL particle is a cargo ship. It is supposed to land at various docks to deliver over the goods. However, it is also supposed to protect the goods so that they are in good shape when the ship gets to the dock. However, there are often pirates at sea, and they may attack both the people at shore as well as the cargo ships. If they block entry to the dock, the ship cannot refuel or purchase more ammunition for defense. If the ship is thus left at sea, it runs out of ammunition and the pirates are then able to effectively sabotage it, ruin its goods, and purposefully plant explosives and release infectious diseases on the boat. Then, when it does get near shoreline, the folks at the dock catch illnesses and are caught in terrorist explosions. Thus, the immune system, like a navy and national guard, rescues the cargo ships that have been attacked (oxidized LDL), and quarantines them and any toxic factors released from them in something like a superfund site, where the surrounding community is protected as best as possible.

The above is quoted from Chris Masterjohn, an expert on lipids and someone who does not appear to be selling anything. I like guys who are not flogging me supplements or Statins and clearly have something interesting to say.

The above is taken from an interview he did with Chris Kresser. What he is saying in the above is that landing at docks simply means delivering cholesterol to the various cells that need it and also being taken eventually and promptly out of the blood stream by the liver. The ammunition and defence taken on board are antioxidants needed to fight off oxidisation of the LDL membrane which has a polyunsaturated element to it. The LDL is capable of fighting off this oxidisation for a while but if it stays in the blood stream too long this ability breaks down and then oxidised LDL, the main cause of heart disease via plaque build up (quarantine), prevails.

This prolonged stay in the blood stream of LDL happens when we have a deficient LDL receptor activity and one of the main promotors of this is leptin resistance. Notice we have not mentioned Cholesterol at all. He makes a fascinating point when he cites the guy (name escapes me) who probably got the whole ball rolling on cholesterol back in the 1920’s when he performed experiments on rabbits. He induced plaque build up very similar to that found in humans by feeding them a high cholesterol diet. This experiment has been much criticised as irrelevant to humans as rabbits do not normally consume cholesterol and are therefore bound to have ill effects. However what he also found was that when you injected cholesterol into the rabbits nothing happened. The processing of cholesterol into LDL particles was required to induce plaque build up hence the clue that the LDL particle is the main problem not the cargo on board.

If all this Somalian pirate talk sounds pretty confusing then simply get the DVD out with Tom Hanks in the lead role. Eat some sea weed (iodine) and Brazil Nuts (selenium) whilst watching the film, your Leptin will thank you.


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