India South & North

India has far greater incidence of heart disease in the north than in the south and yet looking at the lipid levels of the two populations seems to show that LDL may not be the culprit. Average levels of LDL for 40 to 50 year olds stood at 3.05 mmol in both regions. Not outrageously high by most standards. HDL however in the south averaged at 1.6 mmol whilst in the north it averages at a miserable 0.8 mmol. Triglycerides are also high in the north at 1.8. There is no data for the south generally but in Gujarat it stands at 1.2.

This seems to add weight to the hypothesis that HDL and Triglycerides are more important than LDL cholesterol in connection with heart disease. Drug companies have not surprisingly focused on LDL as it is more easily manipulated by chemical means.

You can take a look at the data here


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