More Vitamin C

I have posted before about the Linus Pauling Vitamin C hypothesis to curing heart disease. The idea that heart disease is really a form of arterial scurvy and that as one of a handful of species that cannot produce its own vitamin C we are more vulnerable than those that can. In fact species that produce their own Vitamin C do not seem to get heart disease.

here are some supporting figures taken from a large scottish study and published in the British Medical Journal

Ascorbic acid intake (mg/day)
14.9 34.7 44.2 54.5 70.2 116.1 50 10.9 30.5 42.1 55.2 72.3 118.5 30
All CHD 1 0.87 0.83 0.63 0.52 0.85 (0.80 to 0.91) *** 1 0.59 0.85 0.81 0.56 0.92 (0.82 to 1.02) NS
CHD deaths 1 0.98 1.03 0.86 0.72 0.93 (0.83 to 1.04) NS 1 1.17 2.12 1.61 0.76 0.99 (0.81 to 1.21) NS
All deaths 1 1.09 1.00 0.87 0.85 0.95 (0.88 to 1.02) NS 1 0.98 0.79 1.03 0.72 0.95 (0.86 to 1.04) NS

You can take a look at a neater version here (apologies for messy presentation above)

or the full report where you can click on the last pop table to get the Vit C data at

The figures from left to right show hazard ratios for different levels of intake of Vitamin C among the study subjects. The more Vitamin C taken the lower the hazard for Cardio Vascular Disease and CVD death. The 3 stars *** mean that the data for Vit C is highly statistically significant. There are 3 stars next to Vit C and men and incidence of CVD meaning the less men took the more likely they were to suffer from CVD.

My policy is to take a pink grapefruit with my breakfast every day and a Vit C supplement. Doing this has resulted in my own lowest reading of Lp(a), a well documented risk factor for heart disease.

The confusing aspect of the study is that Total cholesterol levels were also shown to be an increasing hazard as levels increased and were also statistically significant.

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