Coffee Heart Friendly ?

I am mainly a green tea and hibiscus tea drinker these days but I have to admit I love the taste of coffee. Despite the fact that service in modern coffee bars has reduced to almost handing you a kettle and asking you to make your own I still like an occasional Americano. I am not tempted by the virtual desert menu of alternative coffee’s so that’s a good thing but is coffee heart friendly ?. Latest research says yes and no. It seems that coffee can increase your chance of a heart attack if you are a slow metabolizer of caffeine. If on the other hand you are a swift metabolizer then it is heart protective. Details of this discovery here

The determining factor with regard to the am I fast or slow is the CYP1A2 gene. If the rs762551 variant of this gene happens to be AA then you are a fast metabolizer (coffee is ok for you). If you are AC or the even slower CC then you are a slow metabolizer and should avoid coffee. You can get a breakdown of this gene and a whole host of others at 23andme.

I appear to be AA which means drinking coffee should not increase my heart attack risk but could help with lowering Alzheimers risk which is good news because I have one APOE e3 and one APOE e4 gene which means a higher risk of Alzheimers. This does not mean I am about to start packing the coffee in but its good to know that the occasional cup is probably fine. By the way there is research that shows that coffee increases LDL whilst green tea lowers it. I have found this to be true so if you are not a cholesterol sceptic and want to lower your LDL then perhaps coffee should be avoided.


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