The Blind Spot

okiamandmeA concert held by a friend of mine recently involved an interesting experiment. For one song we were all asked to listen blindfolded while Okiem played piano accompanied by a 10 piece orchestra. This was an interesting experience although at the time I did not realize that the blindfold handed out and stored in my pocket would prompt me to try another experiment later on that week.
I have just finished an excellent book called Tripping Over The Truth. A history of the flawed approach to tackling Cancer and how a perhaps more promising metabolic path first mentioned by Otto Warburg has for too long been ignored. One paragraph that really caught my eye was that blind people suffer less with all known cancers. One theory being that they are more in tune with their Circadian rythmns. In other words they are not effected by night time light and as a result sleep better and produce more or at least adequate Melatonin.
Now I am sure you can see (no pun intended) where this is going. There is plenty of research linking poor quality of sleep and the production of stress hormones such as Cortisol. There is also a growing line of thinking that stress may be the strongest factor in promoting heart disease. Certainly countries suffering large mass traumatic stress see big spikes in heart attacks. Now I have long been a believer that if you can for one minute just imagine how you feel on those odd days when you sleep uninterrupted like the proverbial baby for 8 hours the night before. Now imagine every day was like that. Where do you think your health would be ?. For that matter where would your life be?. I am sure you would be more successful in all departments as you utilize that fantastic feeling of well being that comes on those days.
Needless to say prompted by all this I have been experimenting with wearing a face mask during the night time. After the initial hi ho silver jokes I can report that I do seem to be sleeping deeper. If I can couple this up with my theory on fiber (check pea consumption in my case) and the elimination of night time bathroom visits then who knows I may even consider buying a white horse.


1 thought on “The Blind Spot

  1. I completely believe that stress is a huge factor in heart disease. Issues with my heart disease showed themselves when I was 53. My job had been particularly stressful for many years and the only other heart disease risk factor I had was a family history.

    During one of my sessions at the cardiac unit, the medic told my she was amazed how many people with heart disease were long term carers of elderly or disabled relatives. As a long term carer of my daughter with special needs, I understand the inescapable daily stress. Towards the end of my stressful working life, I needed medication to help me cope with the daily stress and to help me sleep properly. I would wake 5 or 6 times in the night and sometimes only managed around 3 hours sleep despite being in bed for 8 hours !

    Now I’m retired, I sleep well every night and cope much better with stress.

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