Monthly Archives: June 2016

Vitamin D Revisited

Had a rethink this week about Vitamin D. Having had levels in the past that were by no means poor at 75 I decided to supplement having read the constant reference to Vitamin D deficiency and various disease including heart disease. The Vitamin D3 with K2 supplements certainly did the trick boosting my levels up to 120 which eventually resulted in me biting the 5,000 iu tabs in half. This brought my levels down to just over 100.

Now the question arises of whether low levels of Vit D in some diseases are caused by the disease and not the other way round. Doctor John Mcdougall, another doctor I have a lot of time for as he is not pushing anything other than his opinion, makes a case in the following video presentation for why he would never prescribe Vitamin D supplements.

The following paper also cites from a meta study that Vit D supplementation can raise LDL levels (although it would seem not by much).

I am therefore cutting back on Vitamin D supplementation, probably initially to 1,000 iu and perhaps totally if my levels remain above 80

Also got my Lp PLA2 readings back this week after my third test. These are the only lipid readings in the past that have been somewhat out of kilt. Everything else looks pretty good but once again my Lp PLA2 came in at 220 which is probably the lower end of high risk. Lp PLA2 is a faily new test that checks the level of an enzyme secreted by unstable or soft plaque. It can also be elevated by peridontal disease so having good gum hygiene is important. If anyone has had success putting  dent in these numbers then please comment.