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More Lp(a)

A book I am currently reading is Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL …

Its mainly a collection of information gleamed from experts in the field via the authors interviews over the years for his low carb web site/information source. At first I thought it may be a little too fragmented and bullet point in format but as I progressed through it I found it quite informative. Its arranged logically so the insights from experts does not jump all over the place as one might expect. There are also plenty of observations I was previously unaware of. A good example would be a section from Dr William Davies, the author of best selling book ‘Wheat Belly’. When discussing Lp(a), something he has researched over many years, he claims he can spot a high Lp(a) person as soon as they enter his surgery. They are often lean, athletic and Mathematically minded. The reason for this he cites is that during our evolution Lp(a) was a gift and contributed toward survival. Those with Lp(a) had greater capacity to survive famine. So why is it now touted as a risk factor for heart disease ?. He cites the lack of fats and overuse of sugars and grains in the diet. Lp(a) people subjected to this kind of diet will show an explosion of small dense LDL particles. He says that patients with him have all had there Lp(a) significantly reduced and some even down to zero!. He achieves this by encouraging fat consumption via fatty meats, fish or high dose fish oil if patients prefer to not eat meat or fish. Lp(a) subjects in Davies’s words are natural carnivores and low fat diets would be detrimental to their health.

Great talk by Dr Matthias Rath here

Further note – US fitness instructor has massive heart attack at 53, Lp(a) cited as cause.