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Still staggered by the degree to which regressing the rate or even reversing heart disease through nutrition is kept from heart attack patients. If we are being kind then we could assume that the health service does not believe that patients would adhere to strict dietary guidelines and so gives little lip service to it. Of course if we want to be less kind then… well let us not go there for now.

All this has prompted me to finally put together a meet up group here in the midlands UK. Hopefully a place where people interested in curing heart disease via nutrition or maybe people who simply want a bit of support via a chat can get together. I can only promise you one thing, there will be no biscuits on the table at meet ups. Details below

Leicester Heart Health and Nutrition Meetup

Leicester, GB
8 Members

Heart disease is probably our number one killer and yet in some countries and populations it is almost unheard of. Are these people genetically different to us ?, well it seem…

Next Meetup

Get To Know Each Other Initial Meetup

Saturday, Apr 23, 2016, 11:00 AM
5 Attending

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