Neu Kid On The Block

A non human molecule found in red meat and dairy has been discovered in cancer cells and could be a causative link between red meat and cancer. Animals have a version called Neu5gc whilst we have a version called Neu5ac. What does it do to us, well it produces an immune response as it is detected to be an invader. Of course no doubt the drug companies will be on to this, looking for some kind of Neu5gc nuker instead of perhaps simply promoting the reduction of meat consumption.

By the way I posted a video some time ago of a talk by the whacky Dr Michael Greger who was highlighting the B12 problem for veggies. Well I have only just discovered his wonderful FREE web site which has simply tons of short videos where he summarises current nutritional research. I am going to have to make a donation as this is the quite honourable way in which the doctor finances the site and his now dozen researchers.

Finally I am playing around this week with an idea that makes perfect sense and on the odd occasion that I have done it accidently it has proved beneficial. We have developed a habit of eating a large, perhaps the largest meal of the day around 6pm. This is just prior to the time out bodies are starting to close down for vital repair and rest and yet we are tapping it on the shoulder and saying, hold on a minute, sort this lot out first. A more healthful way of eating and ensuring maximum quality of sleep is to eat very well at breakfast and lunch and then either snack or skip the evening meal. I have done this not by design on the odd occasion and felt terrific so I thought I would try a more prolonged stint and see how I feel. In the meantime check out the above web site and the nutrition videos and make a donation to this most worthy of work.

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