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Latest Blood Tests

Got back from Portugal recently where I had my collection of blood tests done at a fraction of the price they cost here in the UK (see previous post on this). I was very happy with the results which came in at

Homocysteine 8.72 umol

Apolipoprotein A1  141 mg/dl = 3.64 mmol

Apolipoprotein B  93 ng/dl  = 2.4 mmol

Vitamin D  126 nmol/L

Lipoprotein (a)  17.96 mg/L

The above give an APO B / APO A ratio of 0.65 which is below the threshold of 0.9 suggested for men in the following link×2007000600014&script=sci_arttext&tlng=en

The Lip (a) score was also the lowest I have recorded and once again seems to refute the idea that this is solely genetic and cannot be influenced by diet (see my previous post on this in connection with Vit C)

One note for those reading this and still interested in their regular cholesterol numbers ie HDL and LDL. A couple of weeks ago I once again discovered a spike in my LDL to 3.4 when it had previously been consistently 2.8 to 3.0. As on the previous occasion that this happened I had resumed drinking coffee in the day instead of green tea. There are some clinical trials that show that coffee increases LDL whilst green tea decreases it. With both it can be a difference of 5 to 10%. I went straight back on green tea only with a couple of cups of Hibiscus tea and tested again about 10 days later. My LDL was back down to 2.8. It appears that coffee can be OK for fast coffee metabolizers but poor for slow people. This is taken from 23andme

“Caffeine is primarily metabolized by the liver enzyme cytochrome P450 1A2 (CYP1A2). The form of the SNP rs762551 a person has determines how fast CYP1A2 metabolizes caffeine. In this study, people with the slower version of the CYP1A2 enzyme who also drank at least two to three cups of coffee per day had a significantly increased risk of a non-fatal heart attack. The study found that fast metabolizers, on the other hand, may have actually reduced their heart attack risk by drinking coffee.”

The final test which I have mentioned in a previous post is my LP PLA2 number. This is the one number that on my previous test was way out of kilter (see previous post). It is measure of the soft plaque in your arteries as it measures the secretion of an enzyme from soft plaque. I have been tackling this with a combination of Kyolic aged garlic, Co Q10 and Curcumin tablets. Before we hit Christmas I will be retesting this and hopefully will see some improvements. There is an excellent trial that I mentioned earlier in which Aged Kyolic Garlic with CO Q10 was shown to reduce arterial plaque. I will let you know as soon as I get the results whether I have managed to put a dent in this score.