HeartUK Conference

I spent yesterday at the drug company sponsored HeartUK conference. Its a three day Cholesterol fest’ at Hatfield University which takes place every year I believe. In the morning session I asked a few mild mannered questions, like why are we measuring Total Cholesterol, HDL and LDL when there are more predictive lipid makers to look at. The speaker insisted that Total Cholesterol was still the most important thing to get under control (gob smacked !). With the second speaker I pointed out, when he mentioned that LP(a) could not be controlled and was purely genetic, that there was some research that suggested Vitamin C could have an effect on LP(a) levels and that I had seen a decrease followed by an increase and then a decrease when I went on, off and back on Vit C. He was adamant that Lp(a) could not be controlled and it was hard wired. When I made a third contribution a doctor in the audience rudely interrupted and said that based on what he heard, he felt he might as well now believe that the earth is flat. I approached him afterwards and told him that he was very rude and he should debate his point not make silly statements. He refused to and stormed off.

Things took a turn in the afternoon when a specialist speaker and researcher on LP(a) took the stage and actually stuck a slide up that showed that LP(a) was the second best predictor of heart disease behind smoking and way ahead of the usual cholesterol suspects. Mmm the earth seemed to be getting flatter. She also alluded to the fact that most animals do not produce LP(a) which tally with the fact that they do produce Vitamin C (we humans do not). The earths horizon was disappearing fast.

The whole day had a very uncomfortable feeling about it and once again when I asked two doctors/cardios how they viewed the work of Dr Dean Ornish and Dr Esseltyn, they had no idea who they were. During the day at least 3 nutritionists approached me and expressed there unhappiness with the fact that their is little or no dietary speakers at the conference. Given that heart disease for most people is a food borne illness I share their dissatisfaction.

Below is a research link that adds a little more weight to the possibility that Vit C is vital ingredient in the fight against heart disease.



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