HeartUK support group

On Saturday I thought I would pop down to a local HeartUK support group, I had been meaning to go for some time to see what kind of things they get up to and whether there are any like minded nutrition minded people attending. What I found shocked me. Not only did the meeting kick off with copious plates of biscuits scattered around the tables but also the raffle they have each meeting involved handing out large Christmas box size packets of biscuits. The very kind of food that put us all in that room was being handed out freely to everyone there. More importantly the members went home with the message that stuffing yourself with biscuits was perfectly OK.

It seemed customary to introduce yourself to people and openly chat about what your problem is or had been. This opened up the possibility with a few people to explore their understanding of heart disease. What I found was what I usually find in these settings. Their belief is that heart disease is caused by Cholesterol and fat and if we can get Cholesterol down everything should be OK. There is clearly a population of people out there counting there Cholesterol levels and when or if they get them down to below X, they feel that mission is accomplished. It is quite clear that unless there doctor says so then it aint so which makes exploring other theories very difficult with people. Nobody present that I spoke to had heard of Dr Ornish, Dr Esseltyn, LDL particle size or any of the other pointers I have blogged about here over the last couple of years.

I thought about setting up an alternative meeting group for the discussion and sharing of nutrition based approaches to heart disease, would anyone come I wonder ?.


7 thoughts on “HeartUK support group

    1. And the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – Macmillan Cancer Support. Cake anyone and would you like some Warburg effect with that. (you could not make it up could you)

  1. Hi, I was interested to read your post. I am a 67 year old man with history of an MI in 1987 and 3 de stents in 2003 and a further one in December last year. I happened upon Dr Esselstyn’s and Dr. Ornish’s books just before Christmas and having read one am in the middle of reading the other and have to say I am quite amazed by the results they claim to have had just by changing your lifestyle and eating habits. I have been diagnosed with a badly deased PDA which I have been told is not stentable therfor a bypass is in the the offing some time in the future. I must admit I would be very interested in joining a group that looked into this further.

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