Four times more antioxidants than Green Tea

I am always telling people that eating right is all about giving up delicious food that is bad for you and replacing it with delicious food that is good for you. This is one of the reasons I switched some time ago to Green Tea instead of my usual regular tea. Now I would not describe Green Tea as delicious, more a case of coloured water but if its packed with anti oxidants then I can get used to it which I have. However the other day I discovered a tea that is over four times more powerful in terms of anti oxidant capability. When I read this headline I though it must be Macha Tea which is a kind of Green Tea on steroids, but I was surprised to find that it was a tea I had come across before when recommending it to my partner for its blood pressure reducing qualities. I was not aware that Hibiscus Tea is the Usain Bolt/Mo Farah of the antioxidant drink world. In fact athletes like Usain and Mo would do well to use it as they undoubtedly produce vast quantities of free radicals when on their punishing training schedules. The other good news is that Hibiscus Tea actually tastes nicer than Green Tea.

This short presentation gives you the relative merits of various drinks based on recent research

1 thought on “Four times more antioxidants than Green Tea

  1. I have organic green tea several times a day (after one FRESHLY ground organic) coffee in the morning. Green tea is OK but becomes disgusting when cool / cold. I have recently (accidently) found that if you make green tea then put a Dandelion “tea” bag in the cup (and leave it in) the brew is much more palatable even when cold. In fact I like it cold (wearied I know). Also Dandelion “tea” has alleged health benefits.

    Why organic ? Only way to (hopefully) guarantee no health destroying pesticide residues. Both Coffee and tea are one of the most pesticide slathered crops on the planet.

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