It’s Still Sugar Stupid

Dr Chris Masterjohn is a nutritional researcher I always enjoy reading or listening to. He is very knowledgeable and seemingly unbiased. The other day I was listening to his theories on Cholesterol in an interview with Dr Mercola. He was talking about the greater predictive power of LDL particle size over just simple LDL counts that we get from our GP’s. The idea being that small dense LDL particles are bad and cause greater arterial damage than the large fluffy type we should all aspire to have. The smaller type are more easily lodged in the artery wall where they become oxidised and contribute to the formation of plaque. Dr Masterjohn then went on to discuss his theory of what causes small dense particles. His theory is that the longer LDL stays circulating in the blood stream the smaller they get. If they are not disposed of by the liver making way for new large LDL particles they will progressively get smaller and of course the longer they stay in the blood stream the more prone they are to oxidisation. He did not go on to mention this but here is where I think sugar plays its part. If the liver is clapped out dealing with sugar overload then it will be less able to dispose of the LDL cholesterol. Dr Senner actually puts forward that glucose adheres itself to LDL molecules and this also inhibits removal from the blood stream. This could be another link between sugar and heart disease and further debunking of the simple Cholesterol hypothesis.

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