Kyolic Garlic

In the world of heart health supplements and diet there is often conflicting reports. For example a few years ago trials showed that coffee was bad for the heart whilst more recent research is showing that it has heart benefits if 3 or 4 cups per day are not exceeded. When conflict like this arises I tend to sit out and stick to alternatives that have fewer differences of opinion. In this case I drink Green Tea which seems to have little or no critics.
So what other supplements should we consider that have pretty good track records in terms of number of studies and lack of opposition. Fish Oil or one of the many alternatives such as Krill Oil and Calamari Oil would be one. The other choice would be Garlic and in particular Aged Garlic. My partner has had very good results lowering her blood pressure with the use of Kyolic Aged Garlic and a daily Multi Vitamin B complex tablet.

When it comes to properly designed studies the following two links give a good illustration of how Aged Garlic has been shown to stabalize and stop the growth of arterial plaque and in some cases reverse it.

The doctor who headed the trial gives a presentation here

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