The Cost of Tests

Getting relevant tests can be pricey, I recently asked the only UK provider I know (BlueHorizon) that provides the following tests, for a bundled price.They came back with around £550 plus of course the cost of going to London so all in around £600.

Homocysteine – 30€

Vitamin D – 44 €

Lipoprotein (a) – 18€

Apolipoprotein A1 – 18€

Apolipoprotein B – 18 €

Oxidised LDL – 65€

The above Euro prices however are what I am charged with my Portugal provider, as you can see at the exchange rate it comes in at about £150. Big difference and getting to the Algarve off season will only cost you about £60 return. This means you can have a weekend break and still be quids in on the tests.

Just had for the first time an INR test to check blood thickness and clotting time. In the UK this test costs £112 whilst in the Alrgarve it costs 3 euros!!, about 2 pounds.

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