Niacin lowered my LDL

I am not an advocate of the needless lowering of LDL levels when other more informative markers may all be in the safe zone but I can report that 1 week of Niacin (Vit B3) full flush and a modest 50mg dose has lowered my LDL from 3.05 to 2.78 whilst maintaining my HDL at 2.0. I have not encountered any of the flush sensation (maybe I am scizophrenic) and it may well be that people with higher LDL will experience a greater reduction as they may also do if they up the dosage from this modest level. The good news is you do not get the side effects of Statins. There is an excellent book called Niacin The Real Story by Abram Hoffer. The brand I have been using (no connection) is

Studies done on Niacin which have not involved the simultaneous use of statins have shown cardio vascular benefits of Niacin even in secondary prevention.

Also Niacin has been shown to lower LDL P


18 thoughts on “Niacin lowered my LDL

  1. Have been following you since my husbanded TIA three years ago and enjoy your blog – very informative. Wondered if you had read anything by Dr Malcolm Kendrick? He is also against statins and many other drugs pushed by Big Pharma. His book, The Great Cholesterol Con is well worth a read as is his blog. Archives of which can be found on his website:
    Hope you find it interesting.

  2. Hi Thanks for this but his book was one of the first I read and I have made a few comments on his blog too. I was considering at one point paying him a visit as a paying patient but have not gone ahead with this. I hope your husband is coming along health wise and its good to see one or both of you doing your own research.

  3. As always, thanks for sharing your experiences. I always read your blog and find it very informative. The book you recommended “Beat the heart attack gene” is my most read book. I’m also sceptical about just lowering cholesterol. I now understand how total choesterol is a blunt measure. My cholesterol numbers have been good all my life (4.2 to 4.7), but I still had 95% blockage at age 53. We do have a history of heart disease and osteoporosis in our family. I’m going to research the implications of imbalanced calcium on my heart disease.

    1. Getting Calcium out of the arteries and into teeth and bones where it belongs appears to be the job of Vitamin K2. I get it through my combined Vitamin D3 and K2 tablet but I am also looking to consume more fermented vegetables. One of my morning rituals is to consume a tablespoon of Sourkraut. Its not as bad as it sounds and of course you can integrate it into other dishes such as salads.

      1. Wow. Many thanks for this. Very interesting. If the blockages in my arteries are from calcium build up, would taking Vitamin K2 tell my body to bind more calcium to these existing growths? I wonder how it differentiates between adding calcium to my bones and adding more calcium in my arteries.

      2. No K2 helps transport calcium from the arteries to your teeth and bones, it does not place it into your arteries in the first place.

    1. Yes thats correct although I also take a multi Vit B and folate tablet which contain 25mg of Vit B3 so I suppose I am taking 75mg in total per day. That’s not a lot by the way

  4. Hi – I am enjoying reading through your blog at the moment. The first time I took niacin was a 500mg tablet and I had not hear of the niacin flush or itching blazing inferno as it was on that occasion (I nearly phoned for an ambulance as I had no idea what was going on). I have read the therapeutic values of Niacin are at 1 or 2g a day and that liver enzyme test at these levels are recommended to make sure the Niacin is not causing damage.

    In my early days I would flush on 50-100mg, but taken daily I built up over a period of around two weeks to 1g a day. With food, it delays the flush and lessens slight nausea/stomach irritation. Difficult to say if it has done me any good (over the last year) as I also eat the Esselstyn diet etc. I still flush but it is usually like a warm comfortable feeling and rarely itching irritating and the flush can occur anywhere from 30mins to four hours later.

    Good luck with your efforts

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for the feedback. I am still taking Niacin but only 25mg a day which is a modest dose. How are you finding the Esseltyn approach. Must admit I quite like the guy as its hard to see any ulterior motives surrounding him whilst others may be giving out sound advice but at the same time are trying to recruit you to their supplements or other services. He is very admamant that no oil is best not even olive oil and he is right that studies are out there that show detrimental effects of Olive oil

      1. I have been on Esselstyn diet since January, though first six weeks I ate oily fish, then I decided to comply completely. Had lost appx 24lb in 2014 and lost a further 42lb since January at a steady non-fluctuating rate leaving me at 146lb for the last three months. Total cholesterol gone from 7.9 to 4.2 without statins. Cardiologist going to use this in her lectures. Have not yet taken statins, but in my case low HDL and higher LDL I may yet.

        I am mindful not to eat refined, processed or simple carbs, no white rice, potatoes, bread or pasta and measured amounts of brown rice, sweet potato, cassava, wholegrains. I can dry fry onions. Some form of kidney or black bean recipe (Omega ratio is good in these) several times a week. Small amounts of wholegrain oil-free pita bread. Whole fruit, but not to spike the blood sugar. Fortunately I have been married to a South American cook and this has been helpful (roots, legumes etc). Have kept a food diary which is useful to look back on. Greens, greens and more greens!

        I do take pomegranate supplements (or actual pomegranate) every day and Omega 3 supplement from Algae. Esselstyn says no nuts or seeds which I comply with, except I take 6-8 Brazil nuts on the first of each month (am considering bi-monthly). With Brazil nuts Dr Esselstyn I think is more concerned about the potential for over indulgence. I don’t keep them in the house. More recently I’ve indulged in cacao powder and I’ve bought some defatted Peanut flour. The latter concerns me a little as it would be easy to overindulge and I do not know how processed the product is. A little fat from this and a little from that would I think soon adds up.

        I like Dr Esselstyn. He seems largely humble and honest and for me, with the knowledge that is available to us today, it is largely on his advice (and Dean Ornish) that I gamble. I don’t imagine it is the last and defining word on the subject. I am always looking at the paleo stance and their views reinforce my stance against simple carbs; however, I don’t currently see myself onboard.

        I ‘feel’ really good on my pretty strict Esselstyn diet, but of course what’s actually going on in the arteries I do not know.

  5. Well done Andy and wow! you have a cardiologist with an open mind, a rare breed indeed. I am off to Portugal shortly where I will get my essential tests

    Homocysteine – 30€
    Vitamin D – 44 €
    Lipoprotein (a) – 18€
    Apolipoprotein A1 – 18€
    Apolipoprotein B – 18 €
    Oxidised LDL – 65€

    1. I am in London. I’ve noted (with interest) your going to Portugal for blood tests. At the moment I also go to a lipids clinic and I get a few not ordinarily ordered by a GP. My cardiologist is largely traditional ie. must get ldl under 2.00. and wants me on statins, but she accepts my right to say no. She also says triglycerides are irrelevant, which I am not convinced. I have read triglycerides are the source of VLDL. Like you, I try to cover as many bases as possible. Including attitude/meditation in order to mitigate anxiety or anger.

      BTW. I make my own sauerkraut. Very easy to do.

      Hope you get good results in Portugal.

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