Is Pinot Noir On Your Horizon

Interesting Horizon program tonight 20/5/15. It was examining the effects of alcohol not just from a quantity point of view but also at what rate we consume it ie binge or steady. One of the heart related subtopics was the role of red wine and its component resveratrol with regard to artery health. Researchers found that in mice bred to be prone to artery disease and then split into 3 groups of

a) Tea total

b) Small amount each day

c) Large amount each day

They found that the most healthy arteries were in group B. They also mentioned that the red wine with most punch in terms of resveratrol is Pinot Noir. The message therefore is that a glass of Pinot Noir per day could be beneficial but more than this promotes the production of a chemical to handle the excess alcohol which also has a damaging effect on the arteries. At lower levels this chemical which kicks in when excess alcohol needs to be shifted out of the system, is not produced by your body.

If you cannot get hold of Pinot Noir then research has also shown that reds from cooler climates hold more resveratrol than from hotter climates, so favour French wine to say Aussie or Californian.

The trick of course is pouring a glass and then corking the bottle.


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