HDL particle size HDL-P

Those cheap and cheerful lipid tests we get at the GP are not, according to latest research, giving us the clearest picture when it comes to heart disease risk. I have mentioned before about how LDL particle number is a better measure than simply an LDL count that we get from the GP. Current research is also showing that How many HDL particles we have is also of greater significant than just a count we get from the GP.

I recently had a lipid profile which showed my HDL count at 2.17. Now at face values this looks pretty good as most doctors are happy with readings above 1, but my HDL-P was 30.2 umol?l which is just short of the acceptable range of 34.9. In other words my number of HDL particles could be a tad higher
One other factor which can confuse the issue is that when you get an increase in HDL-C from your GPs lab test there is evidence that this increase, once HDL has risen above a certain limit, is merely your HDL particles getting bigger, not as you would prefer, more HDL particles. So when my HDL-C went from 1.6 to 2.17 it is not automatically a reason for celebration.

So how can we boost HDL-P so that we have more smaller HDL particles and decrease the number of LDL particles?.
Niacin has been shown to work with the latter and for HDL-P treatment with Fibrates helped reduce HDL particle size.

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