What Causes a Heart Attack

It is now 2 years since I came back off a customary 2 mile run and suffered a heart attack. Since then I have wondered what really causes a heart attack. The conventional idea focuses on blocked arteries and/or plaque rupture which causes a blood clot and therefore the blockage of an artery. Both of these ideas are challenged by Dr Thomas S Cowan. He believes they are symptoms and in most cases not really the cause. In the case of blockages he believes that the heart is capable of creating alternative supply routes when necessary. In effect its own bypass surgery. With regard to unstable plaque pathology reports on HA victims that died showed less than 20% had suffered from this possible cause.
So what does cause a heart attack for most people ?. His reasoning on this certainly resonated with me. I had a habit of working (sitting down) on a stressful occupation for most of the afternoon and then going for a run at around 5pm, as I did on the day of my HA. In the second half of his article Dr Cowan go’s on to explain the role of the Autonomic nervous system in the development of heart attacks. It is a very interesting read for everyone especially those desk bound weekend or evening fitness warriors.



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