Blending and Blood Sugar

I mentioned my morning smoothie of Beetroot, Spinach, Spirulina and Pommie juice on a forum and one person suggested that there may be an unhealthy blood sugar spike from the pommie juice and of course the beet. I decided to test this and yesterday had a fasting blood sugar test. My figures came in at 4.5 mmol or 81 mg/dl depending on which currency you prefer. This is a perfectly normal healthy fasting blood sugar level so I was pleased with the result. By the way Asda Pharmacy here in the UK do them for free.
Today I got up and had my smoothie and then popped out for a test first thing in the morning. Now I usually have my smoothie after my porridge which may help slow down any absorbtion into the blood stream of sugar from the smoothie. For the purpose of this test I did not do this, preferring to just see how the smoothie performed on my blood sugar. The result came in at 5.7 mmol or 101 mgdl.
This is perfectly healthy for a post meal blood sugar reading although strictly speaking a smoothie is not a meal. Yes it would be better if the post smoothie reading was even less but I think there has to be a trade off between the nutritional benefits of the beat and pommie’ juice and the slight sugar hike.
What breakfast has the least effect on your blood sugar levels for you ?
While I was there I had a cholesterol test despite the fact that I am less inclined towards the cholesterol causes heart disease theory than ever before. My Total cholesterol was 5.02 and my HDL was 2.03. My LDL would therefore be just under 3. This gives a very good HDL to total cholesterol ratio ie divide HDL into Total giving in my case 2.47 which is well below the 3.5 you should be looking for. A more important question however might be how much oxidised LDL do I have.

One other point on the subject of smoothies. Too many people appear to associate them with a bullet blender full of fruit and in many cases the pulp is separated from the juice. It is interesting to note that all fruits lose some of their anti oxidant capacity when taken only as juice (that’s not to mention the increased sugar spike). However there is one fruit that has a higher anti oxidant capacity when taken as juice………..Tomato juice


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