Vitamin D Seems We Need More

I have blogged before about the excellent results I obtained supplementing with Michaels Vitamin D3 lozenges. My levels boosted from a low of 65 or a high of 78 to an impressive 117. There is evidence supporting how even more important this need for Vitamin D is among the black population residing in the northern hemisphere. It appears that they have greater needs and suffer more from the lack of sunlight.
Researchers are now saying that not only is the 800 international units IU’s traditionally recommended inadequate but could be out by a factor of at least 10 meaning that any concerns one may have about the 5,000 IU’s that I take being too high are probably without foundation. Vitamin D3 deficiency is one of those conditions that seems to crop up time and time again when you look into various medical conditions, whether it be heart disease or breast cancer.
You can read about the study here

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