Homocysteine Update

Just got my test results back after 6 weeks on Vit B2, B6, B12 and Folate supplementation. Previously it had come in at around 22 which was alarming given that below 10 is advised and below 6.5 is deemed optimal. Pleased to find that it has come down to 7.8 which I have to admit quite surprised me. I was hoping for some modest progress, maybe the low teens but it appears to have tumbled down to a respectable 7.8. If it really is that easy to control and is a real possible culprit for heart disease as one Indian study suggested then it is not too difficult to see why the medical, sorry drug industry does not encourage monitoring of this  number. I asked for a test at my GP, he said ‘we don’t do it’. When I asked where I can get it he did not know….Mmmm

Link here on the details of Homocysteine http://www.medicinenet.com/homocysteine/article.htm

There is some debate about whether raised Homocysteine levels actually cause heart disease or whether they may be raised because of problematic kidney function which in turns causes heart disease. If its the latter then improving kidney function and hence lowering Homocysteine would be a better solution. A couple of studies have suggested that lowering Homcysteine via Vit B’s and Folate did not improve future cardiac events in a trial population. With this in mind I am going to spend the next month or so off the Vit B supp’s but make a daily effort to drink more water, something I probably do not do enough of. Hopefully this flushing out of the kidneys on a daily basis  will keep Homocysteine  levels down. I will re test in a few weeks and report on my updated numbers.

Also keep a check on your coffee consumption if your Homocysteine number is high, see the following PubMed article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12450889

The brand I am using (no connection)



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