Vitamin D3 Sulphate

I blogged recently how I was chuffed to bits that via supplementation I had increase my Vitamin D3 levels to over 100 when they were previously sub optimum at below 80. I have recently discovered that this may not be giving me the cellular protection that I had hoped for. Natures way of producing Vitamin D3 is a sulphated version and is far superior in that it does the job you want it to do namely protect against cardio disease. Dr Stephanie Sennef is a senior research scientist at MIT in Biological slants to Computer Science. I am always interested in what she has to say as she is speaking from a very personal vested interest. Her husband was diagnosed with heart disease and she made it her business to turn her impressive intellect to finding out why. God don’t you just wish she was your GP instead of the big Pharma victim you are perhaps currently nodding your head to. Dr Sennef is confident that heart disease is a lack of cholesterol sulphate and the cardio system when faced with this deficit stores cholesterol in the form of arterial plaque to compensate. A lack of sulphate also causes the body to raid it from other bodily sources which in turn reaks havoc in the form of various diseases.There is a detailed explanation here

Also check out the interviews with Dr Sennef by Dr Mercola they are well worth listening to.

Bottom line, Get more un sun screened sun exposure and consume more sulphate from sulphate rich foods. Also cut back on Vit D3 supplements if you can hit targets via sunlight as artificially boosted Vit D3 levels can trick your body into thinking it does not need any more which would be a mistake as the supplemented form cannot be sulphated by your body. Its not surprising reading all this that the overpowering evidence shows that sun baring populations have far less heart disease than us deprived northern hemisphere residents

  1. Meat, fish and chicken
  2. Organic pastured eggs
  3. Coconut oil and olive oil
  4. Legumes
  5. Garlic and onion
  6. Brussel sprouts
  7. Asparagus
  8. Kale

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