Back On The Natto

Looking for a natural alternative to Aspirin led me some 18 months ago to Nattokinase but like one or two other supps eg Co Q10 I found that my stomach did not get on too well with this Japanese fermented soya bean product. In the meantime I had settled down with Fruitflow as an alternative that I could stomach but I was keen to retry Nattokinase as I was impressed by the Science behind it. Moving on 12 months plus to a couple of months ago I retried Nattokinase and with a sufficient break from the traditional medications now in place I found that I had no adverse reaction to it. I now take a Nattokinase supplement in the evening and one rather than three Fruitflow tabs in the morning. So far all seems fine with this arrangement and certainly have had no stomach problems with it.

There is some useful information on Nattokinase here


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