Earthing Release Your Inner Hippy

Earthing is one of those subjects that at first glance has you wondering whether you might be pushing the limits of natural medicine just a bit too far. The more you think about earthing, however the more you realise that like our ideal eating habits, earthing is wrapped up in how we used to live and connect with the planet. We have lost the tendency to get literally in touch with the earth and hence electrically ground our bodies. Now scientific research is getting on board and showing that failure to ground our bodies surplus electrical current is quite possibly a health hazard. Blood viscosity and hence blood pressure have been shown to benefit from earthing.
The natural way to earth is to walk bare foot on gods given but of course this has practical obstacles to it, even in the height of summer. I have just invested in an earthing blanket which I now sleep on as a pillow. It is plugged into the bedside plug socket although only the earth prong is actually live so to speak. You do not have to have the socket switch on either so there is no chance of you hitting the Green Mile over night. A second bit of kit I have bought is an earthing mat. This works in the same way but is made of mouse matting type material and in fact I use it as a mouse mat so that I am earthed when using the PC.
The next question is does it work?. Well I have been sleeping better although I cannot make a call on blood pressure as I always seem to have good numbers there. I did however conduct a little experiment with my partner. As I mentioned before she suffers from high BP. I took a reading whist we settled down to watch a film. It came in at a usual 155 / 90. After 30 minutes in contact with the earthing mat her reading has dropped to 138 / 75. You might want to consider either or both, especially if you are a heavy PC user. The mat was £25 and the blanket about £50. There are plenty of videos on Youtube showing you how to make your own although you might want to sell the water bed first.
Here is a research article on grounding


2 thoughts on “Earthing Release Your Inner Hippy

  1. Thats true but these are such fleeting moments that the benefit is likely to be negligible. When you are asleep you ideally want 8 hours under ideal circumstances for your body to maintain and repair itself.

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