Multi Vitamins are you wasting your money ?

Some interesting data here taken from the Womens Health Study (161,808 women followed). When Multi Vitamin supplementing was compared to individual vitamin supplementing the following negative impact values were found. (above 1.0 is negative below 1.0 is positive)

Multi Vitamin tablet 1.02

Vitamin A 0.99

Vit B6 1.04

Folic Acid 1.09

Vit B complex 0.93

Vit C 0.96

Vit D 0.92

Vit E 0.92

Calcium 0.83

Iron 1.03

Magnesium 0.97

Selenium 0.97

Zinc 0.97

The reasoning behind the multi vit poor performance was that the quantities of each vitamin were so low as to render them ineffective. This is in contrast to single vit tablets. Also if the various single vits can be relied upon to be statistically independant ( we do not know for sure) then combined usage would have multiplied effect eg VitE plus Vit D would be 0.92 x 0.92 = 0.84


2 thoughts on “Multi Vitamins are you wasting your money ?

  1. I like you was not the usual heart attack candidate, and like you I mutinied – started about the time a spotty faced youth told me I would need to take six tablets a day for the rest of my life, ‘that’s what you think’ was my reply.
    I have come to one or two conclusions:
    Sugar is bad for me, too much wine is bad for me. The drugs are bad for me!
    I had problems with all the Statins they tried and believe me they tried. Finally with peripheral nerve damage in my feet, three bouts of liver damage they gave up and put me on the list to try the new enzyme injections NICE has yet to ok, not holding my breath there. My last test showed my score at 7.2 – I don’t eat fat, or much meat, I eat fish and vegetables, no cheese, low carb etc. I have always eaten this way so the idea that diet plays a part in Cholesterol is no the case with me, or even that it causes heart attacks?
    I believe mine was caused by stress, death of husband, possibility of losing my home all at the end of ten years of deaths, financial worries, divorce, caring for a disabled teenager, no support, very stressful job….. enough to kill a lion.
    Today I take- Candesartin, aspirin and ezetemibe all low dose, I have now got the feeling back in my feet!
    Two years ago my stent broke, it closed down, I had to be restented – after a months wait being told I had angina! The battery of tests I underwent so they could prove it was all my fault, revealed, no damage to my heart, and a small blockage of the LAD had shrunk, Cardiologist comment – whatever you’re doing keep it up as it appears to be working.
    So what am I doing?
    I take red rice yeast, CQ Co 10, multi vitamin and mineral supplement, high dose vit. C, high dose fish oil.
    I walk at least 10,000 steps per day, I swim occasionally, I meditate -(headspace) I occasionally do Pilates, Yoga and best of all Chi Kung.
    The drugs still make me feel dizzy, and give me heartburn.
    My next task is to get rid of the BP drug, this will require a major loss of weight I’m aiming at two stones get me down to 8st 7llbs, and more exercise – cycling. I think I may have to run to get my heart rate up, but that’s a wait and see.
    Sorry about the wandering, but my conclusion is:
    Stress, lack of exercise, taking up smoking and drinking too much wine, plus general sadness, – basically grief caused my attack, which was mild. I was a runner, a skinny fish eating semi-vegetarian, with no prior regarding drinking and smoking!
    Thank you for your blog which is great reading, I will continue with my quest and I hope your,s turns out well for you too.
    I don’t believe there is a one size fits all cause or solution to heart attacks.

    1. Hi and thank you for this excellent reply I enjoyed reading your experience if enjoy is quite the right word. I am interested in your running background. During what part of your life were you a runner. When did your weight creep up ?

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