Low Carb Evidence

The evidence supporting a low carb’ diet for health crops up time and time again in my reading and it popped up again as I was reading The Perfect Health Diet (Paul Jaminet). The nurses health study began in 1980 and tracked 98,462 women using a diet questionnaire. They were split it onto 10 equal groups based on carb’ consumption. The high carb’ decile consumed 58.8% carbs within their total diet with 26% fat. The lowest decile consumed 36.8% carb’s with 39.8% from fat. In general it was found that the low carber’s took less care of themselves in terms being smokers or engaging in exercise. Despite this the low carber’s were found over the years to have a 42% reduced chance of having a heart attack. Despite this the official line from heart organisation is to pursue a medium to high carb’ diet.
Are we designed for a high carb intake ?. No mammals eat a high carb’ diet in fact every mammal that has a diet rich in carb’s has a digestive tract that transforms some or all of the carb’s into fatty acids. If high carb is healthful why don’t animal digestive tracts allow hefty amounts of glucose to enter their bodies.
My own personal weight has nosedived during the last 18 months to 11st 5lbs from 13st 12lbs using a no sugar, low carb, no processed foods med’ style diet. Not doing too bad externally, hope that is mirrored internally.


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