BHF in Bed With Warburtons

There is plenty of evidence suggesting that a low simple carb diet is a heart healthy diet see link below

A gold standard study in Israel using low carb Vs Med Diet Vs Low Fat diet came down overwhelmingly in favour of the low carb diet. There is also plenty of evidence linking cancer and sugar consumption. Cancer cells thrive on a high sugar environment. I recently visited a friend in hospital and every ward has a Coca Cola machine in the entrance to the ward. The most prolific doctor in the hospital in terms of impact on health is Dr Pepper. Macmillan cancer trust promote cancer treatment and prevention by organising cake/sugar and coffee mornings. The British Heart foundation has just gone into partnership with Warburton the bread manafacturers.

How deep does this rabbit warren go. What does it take for these medical institutions to actually say to themselves, ‘maybe that’s not a good idea’. If there is one food I would suggest giving up in order to improve your heart, given its widespread use in our disease ridden western society, it would be bread. These organisations are effectively giving a green light for these food stuffs to most people who don’t have time to research for themselves.

This is a terrific read from Denise Minger. She go’s into more detail on the link between Wheat and heart disease within the China study data. Dont worry its not mathematical, in this article she tries to find co factors that might be nudging wheat into the box labelled ‘heart disease’ but alas she cannot and concludes that wheat still looks like a likely villain.

Also there is a good study here that shows that Oats are beneficial whilst wheat has a detrimental effect on lipid markers


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