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The Framlingham study is a huge long standing study of the people of Framlingham USA and is still currently ongoing. You would have thought that this study, given our obsession with lowering total Cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, would have some pretty powerful data to back up this hypothesis surrounding TC and LDL. The fact is that it doesn’t support it. In fact the most compelling statistical connection to heart disease according to The Fat Surprise author, is that HDL levels are a very powerful indicator. Those people with low levels of HDL (good cholesterol) are at far higher risk than those with higher levels and this provides a better indicator overall.

Why is it then that lowering LDL and TC have grabbed all the attention and raising HDL is a less mentioned component. Well it’s pretty simple, drug companies tried to come up with a HDL boosting drug but failed miserably. They just could not crack it in the same way that they found solutions to lowering LDL with Statins. The toxic mix of politics and money when it comes to your health can never be more evident than with this dodgy prevailing Lipid theory coupled with the Fat causes heart disease otherwise known as the diet heart theory. If the captain of the Titanic had decided that the best course of action after hitting an iceberg was to try for a gash on the other side of the boat with a second berg, just to balance things up then we could still have congratulated him on doing a better job than the current medical profession on heart disease advice.

One suggestion as a better indicator of your overall heart attack chances is put forward below and involves a simple calculation of your TG/HDL ratio.


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