LDL Particle Number LDL-P

I have mentioned previously about how the number of cars on the blood stream highway is considered a better indicator of potential heart disease than the simple LDL cholesterol count that we get at the doctors. The more cars on the highway the greater chance of collisions into the arterial wall and the damage that comes with this. It is possible to have a highish Cholesterol count but a low particle number. In this case we have lots of passengers in each car, a car sharing scheme in effect.
I have yet to find a UK source for particle number test but I have just been informed that Blue Horizon who do my blood tests are introducing it quite soon. I will post up when this happens with details.
In the meantime I posted previously that my partners battle with high blood pressure had taken a positive turn with the use of Hawthorn Berry. This proved to be a false dawn as things reverted to the usual high readings. Thankfully though we may have found an alternative but unoriginal solution. On our previous holiday 6 months ago we returned to find her readings to be in much better shape, around 140/85 instead of the usual 165/ 95. My suspicion was that this was due to the fact that we do a lot of walking when away and even some cycling.. A more recent break away in which we are once again wearing out the shoe leather has resulted in a drop to 138/80. This now seems to be too compelling to be considered a coincidence. The question is how do we keep this going for her back home. My partner does not really like walking at home as a past time, she is more of dance/aerobics background which is out of the question with a set of knees that would make a horse very nervous. What we are going to try is a stationary bike machine with a set of learn Portugese CD’s to replace the feeling of going nowhere with some sort of productivity. I will post later on the end result of this experiment, hopefully the pressure will stay down. Isn’t it a pity that you do not get this kind of personalised, drilling down to solutions from your GP instead of the lazy option of take the pills and go away.
There is a discussion here on the Dr Oz show with Dr Sinatra on why the simplistic cholesterol levels we get from out NHS tests are inappropriate and what we should be asking for.

Also here is a paper that shows that when LDL C (thats the reading you get from your doctor) is highish but your LDL P (number of cars on the highway) is low, the better predictor of future problems is the LDL P. In other words the number of particles is more predictive than the total amount of cholesterol being carried within them.



3 thoughts on “LDL Particle Number LDL-P

  1. Hi mark, i read your blogs with a lot of interest and try and make sense out of food.
    One interesting article which was recently pointed out t me, was by prof taylors diet
    from newcastle university. In it he cured the largest % of people in the experiment
    from type 2 diabetes through following the diet he recommended. I personally followed this diet for a short while myself , however i must admit i failed miserably.
    My second point of interest is that i work on the maintenance team for a college in durham university and have a lot of international students, especially from china.
    It never ceases to amaze the variation in diets each nationality are brought up to believe in, also the way they prepare their food.
    For example the common food of the orientals is vegetables, chicken, rice and noodles cooked in peanut oil or sometimes coconut oil.
    About 8 weeks ago i entered a kitchen in the chinese accomodation( they are always self catered) and noticed some chicken marinating in the kitchen window, this chicken was the same piece id noticed 2 days earlier, however today there were 5 or 6 dead flies in the marinade and the temp was about 80 degrees and was emitting an unsavoury aroma. I went to remove the chicken to dispose of it when i was confronted by an irate chinese girl.
    She insisted that i put the chicken back in the window as she was cooking it later that evening. I replied she would make herself ill if she ate it ,to which she informed me that her family had cooked that way for centurys.
    Yet here was a perfectly healthy young fit lady telling a rather a rather portly maintenance guy the way to go.
    Overall i feel that vegetables on a daily basis is the way to go with a small amount of protein with dinner.
    My weight is reducing by approx 2lb/month which is helped by lots of walking, with half an hour a day of strenuous lung bursting exercise.
    I am going to start getting blood test read outs from my local G.P and try various things i have picked up.
    Will let you know if i come across anything of significance.

    Best Regards
    James Bell.

  2. Hi James, Thanks for your feedback it is good to hear about your experience at the University and also that you are making progress with your own weight and diet. If you are going for a doctors blood test beware that they only test for certain basic markers but one or two that are available are not always given as standard. In my part of the woods you have to ask for them. Make sure they give you your CRP and Triglyceride levels. A good book to read on the subject of Chinese health is the China Study by T Colin Campbell, link below. Let me know how you get on.


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