Latest Blood Test

Checking blood tests can be a little like watching kids play that hammer the crocodile head at the fair ground. You know the game in which croc’s randomly appear at increasing rapidity and your task is to whack them into submission. I am happy to say that after getting my test results back today most of the croc’s are under control. Don’t worry I will try not to go through a blow by blow account of the data but I do want to indicate some results that may be of use to you personally and there are a couple of juicy ones.
I mentioned some months back that my LP(a) reading on my previous two tests had come out at a happy 0.18 gl and then a not so happy 0.36 gl. The doctors suggestions are to keep it below 0.3 whilst the Linus Pauling (Vit C deficiency causes heart disease – see previous blog entry) suggestion is to keep it below 0.2. I mentioned also that the increase did dovetail with me being away and stopping my supplementation of Vit C. At the same time however I had come off aspirin and this can also be a reason for my increase. Having been back on Vit C for some time it was going to be interesting to see what my figures came out at this time. I can report that they are back down to 0.23. Nothing is certain in this game but there is a suggestion that Pauling could be right about Vit C. Certainly in my case things have moved in the right direction.
The second startling result from this current blood test is my Vitamin D readings. In the past they have been 70.3 nmol/L and 61.8. The latter was particularly disappointing as I had just come off 3 weeks in the sun in Portugal and the sun is our main source of Vit D production. I have however, prior to this test been supplementing with a Vit D and K2 tablet and my current reading came out at a whopping 119.5. What does this mean in the scheme of valid readings ?. The suggestion is that 25 to 75 is borderline and 75 to 200 is optimal although I have a note on my sheets saying ‘get it above 100’.
I have no connection with the company or product but if you are interested the supplement I take is shown below

There are many articles relating Vit D deficiency and arterial stiffness/blood pressure. Here is one

So what of the good old traditional Cholesterol readings?. It is hard to work out how to take these numbers given that 50% of people who have heart attacks have perfectly normal Cholesterol readings and many doctors feel that Cholesterol is little more than a drug company con trick. My total Cholesterol came out at 5.58 with an HDL reading of 2.21 and an LDL reading of 3.1. The Cholesterol to HDL ratio of 2.5 is OK and more importantly the Apo(b) to Apo(a1) ratio of 0.52 is also fine and down from 0.61 last time and below the suggested 0.9 for men.
What does all this mean for you?, well I would certainly champion a Vit C and Vit D3+K2 supplement. The latter is probably especially important for black people who tend to suffer more greatly from Vit D deficiency. One final point about D3 is that there is evidence that exposure to sunshine is best for us in the mornings. It helps to maintain our natural Circadium rythmns. The same can apply to Vit D3. Supplementing in the evening can promote insomnia. Best to stick to morning supplementation.

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