Calories in Calories Out is Out

One good thing about the last 16 months has been my dietary changes and the fact that I have lost 35lbs and returned to the weight I was at the age of 23 when I was out doing mileage prep’ing for 10k road races, despite the fact that I now do less exercise than I used to. This has happened almost by accident, I did not set out with target weights or calorie counts. It just kept dropping off and yet I was eating as much as I needed, the important word there being ‘needed’. This is why I am strongly in the camp that subscribes to its what you eat not how much, line of thinking. Removing sugar, simple carb’s and wheat has been easier than I thought for a long time main course and sweet diner. It was good therefore to watch the following moving video. If only more doctors would get on side and drop this moderation nonsense

Also stick a tangerine in your morning Kale smoothie but make sure you put the whole tangerine in skin, pith and all.


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