Dental Fillings

Today I started my journey of replacing all mercury based traditional fillings with non metal fillings. I will do this over three or four monthly sittings to space out the possibility of any mercury toxicity. Many countries have now banned metal based fillings with the EU based countries lagging behind. There does seem to be some evidence of a connection with heart disease and metal fillings. Mercury toxicity at any level can cause the development of free radicals and potential lipid oxidisation. Even if one prefers to refute the connection with heart disease logic suggests that a mouth full of mercury cannot be a healthy idea given we now have viable alternatives. Why are we still using amalgam you may ask, well I presume its cheap and profitable, the original reason of choice. More importantly why do you not get a reasonable debate when you ask a dentist about this issue. Dentists are rather like doctors, tightly controlled by their governing bodies to the point that any view outside the mainstream dogma would result in being struck off. Indeed one Canadian dentist was struck off for removing amalgams from a patient suffering from MS.
It is not a cheap process but then what price your health


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