Daily Kale

No matter which way one turns with regard to nutrition and disease the beneficial role of cruciferous vegetables crops up time and time again and the leader of this pack of free radical scavengers is invariably Kale. The problem with Kale is that its a bit on the tough side, certainly too thick for salads although it works well in a Kale and Mung Bean soup where a short ten minute stew of the Kale seems to soften it up enough to make it enjoyable. With the best intentions making soup or finding other ways to integrate Kale can become a forgotten cause. What I needed was a quick idiots idea to integrating Kale on a daily basis and I am glad to say I have found it. The Kale smoothie is quick and easy and a great way to start the day, simply blend

1 mug of water
Two handfuls of Kale
One handful of blueberries
One pear
One banana

and there you have your daily shot of Kale in 30 seconds. Don’t be tempted to use fruit juice instead of water as the increased injection of sugar is counter productive. You can vary the veg’ by taking time off Kale and using Spinach, in fact rotating is recommended as good dietary advice.

There is also an interesting talk on the benefits or not of taking supplements below

Finally an interesting summary articles on how to circumvent 17 risk factors for heart disease at


2 thoughts on “Daily Kale

  1. Raw kale is always much better, as it retains more of the vitamins and potassium. However, I would never use a banana due to its high carb content. High carb equals high glucose which is not good. I just use water or almond milk and whilst the taste is much as you would imagine, i’ve tasted much worse! And its worth it from the nutritional aspect.

  2. You may have a point about the banana although when I tested banana consumption with a glucose test the increase was not particularly significant. Others have said the same, even when consuming a dozen bananas. If in doubt though experiment with lower glycemic fruits

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