Alternative to Aspirin

I dropped aspirin around 5 months ago as I was wary of the long term side effects that aspirin can cause. I did experiment with an alternative in the form of Nattokinase but I too found this a little difficult to get on with gastro’ wise. It does seem however that the good old tomato offers an ideal alternative or should I say the gel that surrounds the seeds does. Researchers looking into why the med’ diet is so effective uncovered the potency of tomatoes and in particular the gel surrounding the seeds. My advice is to up your consumption of tomatoes. Luckily for me they are a food I can quite happily munch on simply as a snack and combined with Gouda cheese (vit’ K2), even better. If you are looking for an easier and more concentrated version then a product called Fruitflow has been patented and is now available in capsule form and is available from reliable sources such as Swansong. Here is a couple of links link to articles about tomatoes and Fruitflow.


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