Blood Pressure Solution ?

Thankfully my blood pressure has always been rock solid at around 120/75 but my partner has been battling high BP for about 2 years now with readings around 165/90. She has been trying the conventional tab’s from the doctors but to no avail. Recently I persuaded her to try some alternatives which she has done, even removing the doctors medication. I am pleased to say that she seems to be getting results especially as recently we added the first item on the list below.

Hawthorn Berry
Fish Oil

The hawthorn berry is a long standing BP remedy with a fair bit of research behind it. The medical profession can only muster the following slur ‘promising but need more research’ which is a euphemism for we cannot find a problem with it but we sure as hell are not going to endorse it over Big Pharma drugs. She had a BP test at the doctors last week and she was down to 127 and on our machine today she came in at an average of 135/81. Hopefully this is not a brief improvement but the signs do look promising. Give Hawthorn a try, I take it as a tea as I do not like those gelatin capsules.


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