Krill Vs Fish Oil

I may have mentioned previously that I am taking a daily Krill oil supplement from Healthspan. This wasn’t always the case, I started out on good old fish oil capsules, but I found that they upset my stomach after a few days of consumption. I also did not notice any significant effect on my lipid readings. Things changed when I read about Krill oil and started taking a daily Krill supp’. My LDL levels dropped about 30% and just as important I experienced no digestive reactions. Research suggests that the the DHA and EPA in Krill are more easily absorbed through the stomach than even larger amounts in fish oil. If you are taking fish oil by the way, make sure you check the levels of DHA. More is better in relation to EPA although with many brands that’s not the case as EPA is the cheaper ingredient. My LDL drop was pretty much in line with a study that compared fish and Krill oil.

Which ever you go for I would also suggest that you store them in your fridge. Oxidization of either will have a negative effect on your system and although Krill, through the Astaxanthin (make sure your krill has this in it), is less prone to oxidization, it is still a good idea to store it cool.

Chris Kresser gives a pretty good summary of fish and krill here

 If you are taking fish oil supp’s you may want consider switching to Krill. The following meta analysis suggests it is superior for improving heart bio markers and reducing LDL

Another study here on Krill oil using a randomized double blind cross over trial

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