Statins V Med’ Diet

I have already mentioned how after a few months of having a heart attack I was expelled from the lipid clinic by Dr Madeira for, in his words, refusing to take my Statins. I still feel a great sense of injustice over this action born from a classic case of the ‘God complex’.  His reasons for trumpeting Statins and his insistence that I get my LDL 50% down on what it was is derived from this drug company backed piece of research.

The alternative argument and the path I chose is presented in this piece of research

Which is best is hard to say but clearly both have merits. The irony is that my LDL has been slashed by just under 50% using a solely dietary approach but then again I doubt that Dr Madeira even reads research articles  on dietary solutions to illness. This is something I have come across time and time again. The medical profession are either guided skillfully away from any such thinking or perhaps they are so busy they are unable to find the time to read other strands of research. Maybe the two things are one of the same. One doctor I spoke to even excused his lack of understanding by stating that he was not a nutritionist he was a doctor !. You have to feel worried when a GP makes a statement like that.

Statins may also contribute to the reduction of CoQ10 a vital ingredient for heart health as well as reducing Vitamin K2. Vit K2 is responsible for shifting calcium out of your arteries and into your bones and teeth where it belongs. A lack of K2 has been cited as responsible for artery calcification. The following research article cites Statins as a villain in the reduction of K2 and CoQ10

On the subject of Cholesterol, when I returned from a 2 month break in Portugal I found that despite sticking to my diet and lifestyle, my LDL had spiked from 2.1 back up to 3.4 only to settle back down to 2.7 after a week back in England. I have been scratching my head for a reason for this and one of the more plausible explanations could be coffee. I certainly resorted to consuming a few cups a day whilst I was out there whilst in England I drink nothing but green tea.  The following article suggests Coffee might be a contributing factor.

Of course a wider question is do low LDL levels really reduce heart disease. They certainly do not reduce mortality. Cholesterol is vital for healthy brain function and LDL is the transporter responsible for getting Cholesterol to the brain. If we smash it into the ground using Statins, what are our chances of getting neurological problems such as Alzheimers ?.

One doctor and head of Heart UK has suggested that Statins should be added to the drinking water. Like me you may think this reckless but I can tell you the doctor certainly is, his name is Dr John Reckless (I am not kidding)



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