A Year On

Its been a year since my heart attack and strangely enough despite all the pressure from doctors and Cardio’s to take the drugs to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate etc, I have not been called in by a single GP or Cardio to have a blood test. Yes not even a blood pressure test. Sure I have had a few of them during the 12 months but they have all been requested and paid for by myself.  Somehow this does not seem right. You would think the cholesterol obsessed medical profession would need to check these levels in order to monitor at least your Statin dosage (slight sarcasm in tone).

At the moment my blood pressure is pretty much as its always been, around 120/80. My cholesterol reading was total 4.1 with my LDL at 2.7. My resting heart rate is between 55 and 60 beats per minute. Mt weight is steady at 11st 5 lbs from a pre heart attack weight of 13st 12lbs. This latter number is the most interesting for me. As I have mentioned before I have not been dieting as such, I have simply changed to a wholefood diet, eating as much as I want or can and the weight has simply returned to the levels it was when I was 25. Anybody out there pumping money into WeightWatchers take note. My Apo B number is also good so hopeful that my LDL particle number is healthful.

My running is still pretty poor by my standards. Lack of confidence means I have not pushed things too much as a consequence I do not know whether my poor running is due to one years drain on fitness levels or whether I will never return to a 7.5 minute mile pace.  To be honest for reasons I stated earlier I do not really want to pump out 7.5 minute miles any more but I would like to know whether I am capable.

My running has improved the last couple of weeks and I do not know for sure if this is due to my taking of an extra supplement around this time. The ability of your arteries to expand and allow more blood to flow is effected by your ability to produce Nitric Oxide. As we get older this ability is diminished. A Nitric Oxide boosting supplement is l-arganine and I am taking a 500mg tablet per day.  Thankfully l-arganine does not give me any side effects unlike CoQ10 which encourages my stomach to do a Samba and for this reason I avoid it. There is a link below to published research article on l-arganine




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