Blood Test Post Holiday

After 2 months away in Spain and Portugal I returned to have  comprehensive set of blood tests with Blue Horizon. It costs around £260 but you get the kind of readings that your GP probably has never heard of let alone offer.  Included in the readings are a set that are now considered of greater predictive value than simple LDL and HDL cholesterol readings., namely Apolipoprotein B and Apolipoprotein A1.

You may remember that I mentioned before that Apo B is indicative of the number of LDL particles you have in your blood. This is considered more important than just total LDL. Remember its cars on the highway we need to reduce not simply the number of passengers. People with normal LDL values can in fact have alarmingly high Apo B values. The ratio of ApoB to Apo A1 should be less than 0.9 for men and less than 0.8 for women, although finding people prepared to fix numbers to these ratios is not easy. Mine came in at 0.61 so I was happy. There were however a couple of puzzling numbers. Before I went away my LDL had been consistently around 2.1 to 2.5 and my total cholesterol was around 3.7 to 4. On my return these had spiked to 3.6 and 6.07. I had not changed my diet whilst on holiday, in fact if anything I ate more fish than I normally do and I am at a bit of a loss as to what may have caused it. I certainly did nt come back with any ailments. When I got the results, which was 3 weeks after my return, I had a simple cholesterol check and the figures were back at 4.1 for total and 2.7 for LDL.

The other puzzlement was that when I had the same battery of tests back in October my Vitamin D level was 70.3 nmol/L which could do with increasing a little. After 2 months in the sun I expected to see a rise but in fact it had decreased to 61.8. I am now supplementing with Vit D3 + K2 (hope you watched the video), supp’.

By the way,  the more I read about Weston Price, the more impressed I become.  A dentist with curiosity and tenacity in equally large measures. I become more and more interested in Vit K2 and its role in preventing the hardening of arteries. When I am through reading the book Vitamin K2 and the calcium paradox see

I must then pick up a copy of Weston Price’s book.

By the way excellent video interview with the author 2/3 down this Facebook page

PS Those eggs in Portugal sure have orange yolks, where can I find some in England ?

PPS In the above book the author gives a list of top K2 boosting foods. Top of the list is Japanese Natto. Difficult to find and not to everyone’s taste you may skip to second top and duck liver pate. In fact these K2 rich foods may go some way to explaining the French paradox. Try telling your GP that you have increased your intake of duck liver pate and then step back and watch his head explode.


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